Wanted: Risk-aware,  consenting  kinksters

My Kinks

Power Dynamics   |   Female Supremecy, Objectification, Training, Servitude, Worship, Financial Domination, Teasing, Role Play, Discipline, Coaching & Care

Feminization | Dress-up, Humiliation, Period-tracking, Body Writing

Bondage   |    Shibari, Restriction, Predicaments, Decoration, Cuffs, Rope, Chain, Tape, Wrap, Straps, & Corsets

Sensory Play | Deprivation & Stimulation of Eyes, Ears & Body, Tickling, Teasing

Orgasm Control | Challenges, Assignments & Chastity

Invasive Play | Toys, Implements & Role Play

Mind Fucks | Interrogation, Degradation & Humiliation

Intense Sensations | Canes, Floggers, Whips, Clamps, Trampling, Human-Punching-Bag, Paddles, Endurance Holds, Ice, Herbs & Capsaicin

Body Worship | Foot, Shoe, Sock & Sole Worship

Financial Domination | Shopping Excursions, Credit Card Max-out, Debt Contracts, Online Games & Bill Collection

My Limits

  1. No live animals.
  2. No overt public play in a vanilla space.
  3. No fucking me.  Figuratively and literally.
  4. No play involving someone who can’t, won’t or doesn’t consent.
  5. No play involving scat or blood
  6. No asphyxiation

About Me

Title: Mistress/Goddess/Daddy/Professor or Miss Donna in public
Birthday: Oct. 1
Birth place: USA
Bra size: 36G
Shoe size: 9-9.5 US or 39-40 EU
Panty size: large
Diet: dairy and gluten free pescatarian (primarily vegan)
Favorite book: “A Secret History” by Donna Tarte
Favorite movie: “The Love Witch”
Favorite music: House and Hyperpop
Favorite designer: Fräulein Kink in Berlin

As a dominant, I enjoy a total power exchange, and receive pleasure seeing the expression of ecstasy through pain on my submissives’ faces. If you need to be bound, trained, whipped, spanked, flogged, or any other naughty infliction, these are just some of the experiences I thrive in.

I give all kinds of relationship and sex advice, so couples are welcome. I am sex-positive, body-positive, and kink-friendly.

I am well educated with a Masters degree, and a world-traveler. I moved to Colorado from Berlin, so I am no stranger to sex clubs. I enjoy fine dining, fashion, and dancing. I take frequent trips to NYC to see art in museums and galleries.

I like obedient and subservient girls, boys and trans people. Before contacting me, please read through my entire site and mention something that you like in your message.

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